Mas Cerca De Dios

Where we are

From Zipolite to Zapotal

Mazunte is a small town in the state of Oaxaca, on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Since the 1970s, it has been a magnet for people looking for an alternative and more nourishing lifestyle.

Mazunte is still on the circuit today, and the attraction stretches along 10 km of coastline from Zipolite to Zapotal. Workshops and retreats, ecstatic dance, kirtan . . . are all on offer here, alongside beautiful beaches and a sea full of fish where dolphins, turtles and whales are at home, all bathed in a very sweet vibe, far removed from mass tourism.

To the north, Zipolite is probably the only official naturalist beach in Latin America.


You can walk naked at sunset, passing Mexican families on holiday or gay men in string ; a touching diversity that reveals the culture of freedom of this vast and rich country.


Continuing along the pretty road, we pass through San Agostinillo, a family-friendly village with its tranquil waters, before arriving in Mazunte.


Featuring Neo-Hippie boutiques and restaurants, cool or festive evenings and sunset at Punta Cometa or Mermejita Beach, Pueblo Magico is a charming place.

Finally, the epic Ventanilla offers a wild beach experience as far as the eye can see, where the tribal mangrove meets the indomitable ocean.


Behind all this magic lies Zapotal…


Zapotal is exclusively wild nature today, but exploring it reveals that many plots of land have already been sold for use as communities, holistic centres, permaculture… The new world is ripening here.

180 m above the Ventanilla show, Mas Cerca de Dios receives its strong energy from the caressing wind, the sound of the Pacific and the distant view of the crashing waves.

Regalo !

What we love about Mexico


It’s a big country compared to other Central American destinations. This is clear in terms of its diversity, alternative culture, space, potential and attractiveness.


The locals are “suave y fuerte,” and the health and safety situation is pretty good – a real treat.


You can feel a palpable culture of freedom, a non-invasive state that welcomes foreigners and is always finding a solution…

Why Zapotal ?

Availability of virgin natural space

Affordable land prices

A booming sector driven by fresh projects

Abundant underground water


We are 50 km from each of the two airports of Puerto Escondido and Huatulco, with several flights a day from Mexico City.


This ease of access, combined with cheap fares (planes and taxis), is a luxury that gives us a feeling of being at the end of the world on our hill, while still being 1 hour from civilisation.