Mas Cerca De Dios

Our intentions

To enjoy a blissful home in Mazunte.

To surround ourselves with people with whom we resonate.

To participate and invest in a high-potential project at many levels.

  • 4.5 shared hectares facing the Pacific Ocean
  • A programme to develop common spaces so that we can operate comfortably
  • A Temple to house our offerings and celebrations
  • Simple accommodation to welcome our tribe and participants in our events

Our values

Our 7 pillars, each building on the last, guide us, providing us with the means to achieve our high ambitions:


Radical self responsability

Freedom of being​



Take care of each other

And finally… Enjoy Love & Beauty

 ” Semi-open “

Our vision of the estate is to be « semi-open ». It’s not an open-air guesthouse where everyone comes and goes as they please, nor is it like a closed community.


Guests come for an event and then go home! Anyone wishing to stay with us must be mentored by us.  


The aim of this approach is to preserve our vibe, give us peace and quiet and allow us to live as close as possible to our way of life.