Mas Cerca De Dios


The Master Plan detailing the investment programme will form the basis for a project that unfolds over time, based on an overall vision that will ensure a coherent result.

A Temple

Our vision is to create a wild retreat centre, combining design, ergonomics and beauty. With around 100 m2 of indoor practice space, a covered terrace and a discovery area, it will showcase experienced teachers, musicians and artists.

The centre will offer high-quality, packaged services, enabling it to host workshops for up to 30 people.

In addition to the building designed by our brother Tiago, there will be a Garden of Eden with tropical flowers and plants, suspended cuddle spaces, communal showers and other surprising and blissful experiences 😉

The Temple is an adults only zone.

Natural swimming pool

Ideally located in the riverbed, in the cool, calm and intimate setting.

Ceremony area

Simple, in the forest, with fire and temascal, it will connect us to Pachamama and her medicines…

Combined with the Temple, these water and fire points will enable us to host events for at least 300 people.


With such a mild climate, it’s easy to create simple, stylish and inexpensive accommodation. Between camping, eco-cabaña and comfort bungalow, the idea is to be able to accommodate 20 to 30 people, in order to host our residential retreats.

This accommodation offer is not intended to be financed solely by the FM.

Everyone is invited to build a cabaña on their own land, a platform with a nice tent, or simply rent out their house when they are away.

See our accomodation offer here


Given the climate and frequency of use, and independently of the FM and FO homes, activities on the site will probably take place from November to May, i.e. for around 8 months.

Technical building

Already designed and built first, this building groups together all the necessary technical functions and has been conceived to accommodate enough solar panels on its roof to enable around twenty people to live independently.

Planting and creating a green paradise...

A planting plan will be implemented to determine the reference species, fragrances and useful resources such as fruit trees, coconut, bamboo, aromatic and medicinal herbs, etc.


This plan will be carried out in the common areas, but also on the plots of the owners who will be invited to contribute.


We need to take the time to understand the land in order to adapt it to our intentions and desires.


Having signed the first deed in June 2023, we are at the beginning of this process; however, the topography clearly points us in the right direction.


Then it will be up to all of us to knit the most beautiful garment for our paradise…